Artist Bio

Starting my digital artist journey in 2020 during the lockdown for the pandemic, the desire to create art safely from home, and for myself drove me to dive into fantasy art. As my all-time favourite genre of books, movies, games, I decided it was time to dive into it with my art. I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons for 6 years and used that to fuel my pieces.

I dove into creating character art for my own characters, then for friends, and eventually, I opened up commissions to people in the D&D community online. Now, through my store on my Ko-Fi, DM's and players can download high-quality files of my original artwork to use in their games, live-streamed or otherwise, for free. A supportive donation is always lovely, but not at all required. If they are used in a live stream I just ask that I be given art credit, and my website or my ko-fi link is shared.

I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in many collaborative projects, and look forward to continuing to do so. My goal is to make unique character art available to those who stream their games online through their support of my Ko-fi, and further the magic and immersion into the wonderful world of fantasy, collaborative storytelling, and art.